Maybe I'm a Friend That Stuck Around Too Long

by Pemberton

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released November 29, 2018

music by pemberton
lyrics by jared grimm
produced by ben david


all rights reserved



Pemberton Adelaide, Australia

Adelaide’s Pemberton are offering something inherently fresh in the way of emo and melodic punk. Distinctively Australian, while fuelled by influences from much further afield, the five-piece from South Australia released new album, ‘Maybe I'm a Friend That Stuck Around Too Long’ in November 2018. ... more

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Track Name: Alright?
whirlwind trips and highway signs
take me away from your eyes
and i swore i could never look away
i could say you looked real nice
but i think that all the time
i can never say a thing about myself

is all of me alright?
i've been doubting myself all night
and your stare has a power that is unmatched

but all i can do is put my hand on your leg, promise it’ll be okay
you’ll put your hand on mine and promise me that you’ll stay around for long enough for me to show you the world
and every time i look at you my head just starts to throw me into things we’ll do, and what we’ll become
we’ve still got nine hours, so let’s just fucking run
away from all the fear, guilt and money owed
let’s just find our new home
and let ourselves grow
Track Name: A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Morgue
my head screams at me
tales of death and disbelief
i can't feel anything
and i can't help but feel like there's something wrong with me

make me something
teach me

the silence is killing me
because it's dangerous for what i think
"my own car wrapped around a tree"
not such a fitting end for me

make me something
teach me to believe
make me your everything
teach me

just go home before i can fuck this up
leave a note for me outside the door
make me laugh, make me cry, i want to feel something
because at this rate i won't last long
i know i can't be left alone tonight
i'll think things are worse than they are
a sudden cry for help wouldn't go astray
but right now i can barely talk

(make me laugh, make me cry, i want to feel something
because at this rate i won't last long)
Track Name: Tendencies
if i sit in this carpark long enough, i might find some of my self-worth
because i'm still afraid of everything
i'll take a long drag of a cigarette and fuck around with the weight of the earth
that's being pushed down on me

because i really feel like shit right now
and i can't believe that you stuck around to be with me
it makes me so fucking happy
but i just need some affirmation, something to cling onto
because i've got the world in my hands
and i have the tendency to choke

tell me you love me
because it's all i need
tell me i'm necessary
and that i complete you
i need to know if i'm worth it
are you prepared to put up with me?
i swear i'll try
as long as you let me come home with you
Track Name: Anything/You
have i said it all?
have i even started?
could we walk forever,
and make fun of the things we used to do?

hang up the phone
and i'll take the fall
for anything
for you
Track Name: Tapleys Hill
i can see the beach from my roof
while the people i love are below my feet
and i don't know if i should jump
or cry, or laugh or make fun of myself
i fall in love with everyone i meet
and immediately feel guilty for whatever the fuck that means
so if footscray station is the last song i hear, i don't think that i will really be that sad

i think it's now the 16th of september
and i'm alone in this great big fucking common room
with sirens going and making my time disturbed
i think it's about 1:50am
and i don't know at all if i want to go on
in this shell of disappointment and ruined lungs

it's funny that i've chosen the self destruction that comes with smoking
because when i was a child i said it was fucking disgusting
and it's funny that now i'm by myself
and i need someone
but all i've got
is an instagram dm from someone i don't know yet

i may be a little harsh
it's just the side effects of getting just a little too drunk
and regretting every decision i've ever made
if i say i need to be cleaned
would you pour holy water over me
and make sure that the sin and the glitter is gone?
i'm sick of living inside this hole
i've got the grandest of goals, i don't want to live in my dump anymore
in this tiny house on tapleys hill road
right across from a pub and near a train station that i never even use
i’ll just spend my money on filthy habits

what did i do to fuck up every friendship i've ever made?
people always leave; why did no one tell me?
was it fear of me being right?
my eyes are getting heavy
while the wind is acting like it's the toughest thing that nature has ever seen
and it may well be
that i'm overbearing, undersharing, possibly oversharing
it's all dependent on the number of my blood alcohol reading

i love everyone in this place
some, maybe more than others i know
and bringing this back to me i just want to know
was it better with his hands around your throat?
Track Name: When a Wise Man Points to the Moon, an Imbecile Examines the Finger
so tell me why you want to die, you fucking coward
has it not been your week, your month, your year?
or is there something deep, been growing in you forever?
can i take it all out, will that finally kill you?

so take away my life
turn it into something real and fine
i can't believe i'm like this
so lay me down on train tracks until i'm gone

there's a barrel outside, about the same age as me
and i feel like it's done more than me to make them happy
at least they can lean on it when things get hard
i just tend to crumble at the first touch

ill have my final meal
take my final breath
and realise that maybe there is something worth
living for and seeing through
“one day i'll look back and love myself”
Track Name: Casual Existential Despair
i want you to rip me apart
i want you to take me back
to where we left
and show me
what you mean
when you tell me
when you say you wish you were dead

i’ll listen through
every little inflection
every time you say that you think i could do better
i'll take you to
the spot in my mind
reserved for my thoughts of what i wish i could say
i’ll make you sure that i'm not going anywhere too soon

both said "this year has really sucked"
i need to get a fucking job
"stop disappointing those you love"
if it kills me
i don't care
because that part of me has long been dead

we can take turns
redeeming what we thought that we had lost
believe me
it's not too deep

i’ll listen through
every little inflection
every time you say that you think i could do better
i knew i could
but this is all i know
reserved and unable to say the things i want to say
i’ll make you think that i'm not going anywhere too soon
i’ll lie and say that i'm not going anywhere too soon
Track Name: To Live Is the Way Out
i'll take you out in front of people you have loved long before
you'll sit and cry on the couch, i'll threaten to walk out the door
i'll leave you wondering if i'm with another laying asleep
you'll think i'm a piece of shit
you're right

no words can help
i've gone through hell
but to live is the way out

do they like me at all?
i'll just be ignored
or lost in being bored
this place will never change
your cliques and empty praise
destroying my will to wake

and now;
will things be beautiful if i get shitfaced every night?
if i live as a cliche, will it hide the horrid things in my mind?
i've been on this earth for almost 20 years
and all i've got to show is low self-worth, a heart ready to give, and a frame that's ready to explode
Track Name: Chemicals
on my 8th birthday we went to see you there
in someone else’s rehabilitative care
but you could still walk, you’re in your prime
cause this was an infestation of the kind
ill fitting clothes from a thrift store, you don’t care to see me anymore
i didn’t know then but now i see
that you chose the drugs and forgot about me

the track marks race up and down your arms
they let us know you’re not so far away from harm
blood of my blood, diluted with chemicals, leaving your house never felt so mental
i don’t know when i saw you last, was it last christmas or sometime past

i heard you can’t help but lay awake at night
you’re growing too weak to even try to hide
that from your teeth to your knees
you’ve been falling to pieces
the scabs that grow on your face,
let us know you’ve found your place
it’s not where our mother wanted
it’s just where you’ve been haunted

the track marks race up and down your arms
they let us know you’re not so far away from harm
blood of my blood, diluted with chemicals, leaving your house never felt so mental
i don’t know when i saw you last, was it last christmas or sometime past

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